Ostrich Mobility Instruments Private Limited

OSTRICH MOBILITY was born in 2007 out of our passion for innovations in mechanized mobility. Today, OSTRICH is known for its innovative Mobility Solutions in India and abroad. Infact, so obsessed and stringent we are about true innovation that, out of every ten ideas that emerge in our research labs, on an average only one makes it. Over the years, OSTRICH has redefined the concept of mobility, customization, safety and independence to a whole new level. The market leader in India in powered/electric wheel chairs, OSTRICH is perhaps the only company in the country, which indigenously develops wheelchairs/Mobility scooters specially suited for Indian road conditions.

OSTRICH’s relentless focus on bringing innovations to the healthcare segment, resulted in bringing a new product line under the brand of Ostrich Intimate series, dedicatedly for high quality electric beds for home and hospitals. Using our own unique and patented technologies, we have created feature-rich products in every category, which customers have come to rely on and accept as an integral part of their lives. The most innovative and revolutionary suspension technology named “SPLIT Frame Technology”, provides comfort and safety in all types of road conditions. Automatic Wheelbase Adjuster is another innovation that helps the user to change the wheelbase based on the surface area and conditions, so that the maneuverability can be enhanced.

OSTRICH understands that every individual is different in their physical conditions and the likings. Perhaps OSTRICH is the only company in the country provides the customization, based on the customer needs, at most cost effective. OSTRICH also provides Onsite Service for our customers much to their delight.


OSTRICH Brand and Our Beliefs

OSTRICH, as a brand, has grown quickly to establish the market leadership in the electric wheelchairs segment. OSTRICH is driven completely by a distinctive approach, one which focuses on a superior, innovative, completely indigenous and highly personalized product. In keeping our sounding beliefs, we firmly set our sights on an ambitious product level excellence. We focus on creating the best wheelchair and automated bed in the world to create a phenomenal customer experience.

Our identity and the logo has attempted to capture ambition, the force, and dynamism of the company and the key factors that will power it towards achieving its ambitions and goals. The three facets that have been identified are Inspired Innovation, Personalized Customization and India-Inspired Engineering. We have imagined the brand as one that will stand for a set of values and expertise rather than any specific product or category, giving us the liberty to enter any category where these values can drive our success.