Split Frame Technology

Over the last 80 years history of powered wheelchairs, no other invention has been revolutionary as the Split frame technology invented by Ostrich Mobility. Conventional wheel chairs have a single frame on to which all the wheels, motors, seat and batteries are fitted. Ostrich wheelchairs have split frame, one front frame and one rear frame . The front frame holds the seat and front wheels and the rear frame holds the drive wheels, motor and batteries. The front and the rear frame is so connected that they move independently. The wheel positions of a conventional wheelchair and a wheelchair with split frame is shown below.

The Split Frame Technology (patent filed) allows all the wheels of the wheelchair to be in contact with the ground even if there is a ground level difference of 150mm. This assures good drive control, better maneuverability, good control capabilities while negotiating up or down ramps and rough road conditions by reducing the side drag. This ensures good control over the equipment. Improved ride comfort and safety are other advantages of split frame wheelchair.

In conventional wheelchairs the wheels lift up when there is a ground level difference and can cause loss of control which can lead to accidents.

The split frame technology also helps to drive across inclines (check the maximum allowed gradeability from the product page) thus adds more safety and maneuverability to a wheel chair. This technology is currently the most cost-effective all-terrain wheelchair frame technology in the world.

Automated Wheelbase Adjuster

Automated Wheelbase Adjuster (AWA) (Patent filed) is another innovation of Ostrich Mobility. This allows the user to increase or decrease the wheel base automatically using the joystick to match the driving conditions. To drive indoors the wheelbase can be reduced and thereby the wheelchair can be driven in the tightest indoor conditions. But for outdoors where the ground conditions vary, the wheelbase can be increased which increases the comfort,stability and safety. This technology increases the maneuverability of the wheelchair in all conditions. Wheelbase can be adjusted automatically using the joystick itself.

The ultimate happiness these equipments give you is the result of continuous research and development by experts for the best mobility equipments. Use of the finest materials from trusted suppliers helped to increase the reliability of the equipments.