Ostrich Intimate Series fully automatic hospital Beds

Ostrich’s healthcare bed, INTIMATE, is designed with special features for comfort and well-being of the user, and it also provides convenience for care givers and healthcare specialists. The most common features of Intimate health care bed include the adjustments to head side or back rest, leg, height, tilt and adjustable side rails. Thanks to the advantages and medical benefits these types of automatic beds are now used in hospitals, homes, health care centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and outpatient clinics. Ostrich’s innovations and unique engineering techniques make Intimate the most affordable healthcare beds.......

The different types of Intimate fully automatic beds manufactured by Ostrich Mobility are

1. Fowler bed
2. ICU bed
3. Dialysis bed with and without trendelenberg position
4. Tilt table
5. Multifunction bed (for chemotherapy and Blood donation)
6. Patient examination bed
7. Gynaecology examination bed

The most interesting and proven fact is that adjustable beds can make you healthier..! And now the advantages of using automatic adjustable bed are not just for hospital patients any more.......! For many years adjustable beds were made only for medical purposes. But now these beds have taken over many residential bedrooms. Many people have recognized that adjustable bed would really help to improve sleep and enhance overall health.

One of the reasons nurses leave the profession because of back pain. On average, caregivers pull patients up in bed 35 times a day- a leading cause of back injury. Moving patients shouldn't involve back strain. It should be as simple as pressing a button. With Ostrich fully Automatic beds repositioning patients has never been easier.

Benefits and advantages of Intimate healthcare beds

Ostrich healthcare bed allows you to get in to sitting posture. Sleeping in the sitting posture helps the lungs to expand more compared to lying flat position. This position will enhance natural secretions. Raising the head side can also provide benefits to the user to sit upright for feeding or in some cases can ease breathing thus very beneficial to people who have respiratory disorders. Lifting the leg above the upper body helps in improved blood circulation from lower part of the body to the heart and lungs. Raising the feet can help easy movement of the user towards the headboard. Ostrich healthcare beds can also be tilted with the head part lower than the leg part or vice versa which enhances blood to be supplied to where it is essentially needed. These areas include the heart, brain, and lungs. The tilted position helps deliver blood to that portion of the body where these vital organs are located.

Raising and lowering the height of the bed can help bring the bed to a comfortable level for the patient to get in and out of bed or for caretakers or physicians to work with the user. The side rails serves as protection for the user and often can make them feel more secure. These healthcare beds create a very sound sleep experience and also relieve you of various sleep disorders.

Ostrich Intimate series bed highlights:

Most affordable fully automatic bed with built-in battery backup \Completely designed ,developed and manufactured in India \ Design for care givers to care you with less effort \ easy to use controls \ Safe entry and exit \ Modular design \ Ideal for home and hospital\ Unique and patented technology \ Life time On-site service \ 2 years warranty against manufacturing defect( please refer user guide for complete details)