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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Ostrich Mobility Imports the wheelchairs or these are manufactured in India?

  • Ostrich mobility is not importing wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are completely designed and manufactured in India.

2. Are there any areas in India where service is not available?

  • Ostrich mobility provides on-site service to any location in India either directly or through the dealers.

3. How to choose which wheelchair is suitable for me?

  • Please refer the document below, which helps you to select the most suitable wheelchair

4. What is the difference between normal and split frame wheelchairs?

  • In conventional wheelchairs the wheels lift up when there is a ground level difference and can cause loss of control.
    The Split Frame Technology(patent filed) allows all the wheels of the wheelchair to be in contact with the ground even if there is a ground level difference of 150mm.

5. Are these technologies invented by Ostrich Mobility?

  • Yes, these technologies are invented and patented by Ostrich Mobility

6. How long it takes to charge the batteries?

  • Fully discharged batteries can be recharged within 5 to6 hours for those which are having 15 Km drive range and 8 to 9 hours for a 35 Km drive range wheelchair.
  • Time taken to recharge the batteries depends up on the State of Charge (SOC) of the battery pack. The more the battery is discharged, the more the time taken for recharges.

7. What if I have problems with my power wheelchair?

  • Dial 09895895093 or 09341126543 to get your problems solved immediately

8. Are all the spares available?

  • All the spare are available at Ostrich Mobility Bangalore

9. What is the best time to charge my Wheelchair?

  • Overnight charging is the best time to re-charge the batteries.

10. How long the repair takes?

  • Depending up on the severity of problem the time taken to repair take from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours.

11. Can I take my power wheelchair in my car?

  • All the powered wheelchairs can be taken in a car. For small cars the rear seat of the car has to be folded.

12. Can I take my power wheelchair on a Aircraft?

  • All the wheelchairs manufactured by Ostrich Mobility are airworthy. The airline has to be informed 48 hours prior to your travel that you are carrying an electric wheelchair. The electric wheelchair can be checked-in.

13. Do airlines charge for the electric wheelchair?

  • The Aircraft is not supposed to charge any money for the electric wheelchair if the person with physical challenges is travelling along with the wheelchair.

14. Can I use my power wheelchairs outdoors?

  • Yes, the models Tetra T15, Tetra Ex , Tetra Exi , Pristine and Galaxy are all-terrain models . These wheelchairs can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

15. Can I make an online payment to buy the wheelchair?

  • Online payment facility is not activated

16. What are the different payment modes available while buying the wheelchair?

  • The payments can be made either as cheque, DD or Cash

17. How far I can go once the wheelchair is fully charged

  • The models Verve Lx, Verve Fx, Verve Rxi , Tetra T15 and Tetra Ex have a drive range of 15Km per charge and the models Tetra EXi, Pristine FLEX and Galaxy Awa has a drive range of 35 Km per charge.

18. I charged my wheelchair fully. But it is not still working. What should I do?

  • Check the free-wheeling lever in drive mode or not. Check all the wires are connected properly

19. Do I need to do the periodic maintance for my wheelchair?

  • Yes, the user guide will have all information regarding daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance.

20. How long it takes to deliver the wheelchairs after I order it?

  • Minimum of 1 day to maximum of 8 days depending on the distance for Bangalore

21. When should I replace the batteries?

  • Batteries have to be replaced when you are not getting sufficient drive range after a full charge.

22. what is the battery life?

  • Life of battery varies from 12 months to 36 months. The life of battery pack depends up on how you use, where you use, and the pay load .

23. Do the batteries and charger come along with the wheelchair?

  • Yes

24. What are the accessories I get with the wheelchair?

  • Seat belt and Tool kit

25. I need a wider seat. Is it possible to customize the wheelchair?

  • Yes, the seat can be customized to smaller or bigger size.

26. How often I should I charge my batteries?

  • Preferably every night. But if the wheelchair usage is less you can charge the batteries once in every 2 or 3 days.

27. Can I plug the charger to the regular power outlet? Or is there a specific modification needs to be done on the power outlet?

  • Yes, you can plug the charger in any 230 Volt, single phase normal house hold plugs in India.

28. Can I adjust the speed of the power wheelchair?

  • Yes, the speed of power wheelchair is adjustable. There are 5 speeds to select.

29. Should I assemble the wheelchair when it arrives?

  • No, the wheelchair will be in completely assembled form with battery connector disconnected from controller. You need to plug the battery connector to the controller to start using the equipment.

30. What is the difference between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive models?

  • The front wheel drive models are having motors attached to the front wheels and rear wheel drive wheelchairs have motors attached to the rear wheel.
  • Rear-Wheel Drive

This is one of the most stable chairs in most instances.
Rear wheel drive wheelchair has the highest top speeds available.
Obstacle climbability is poor.
This type wheelchair has comparatively larger
This type of wheelchairs is easy to maneuver.
Front Wheel Drive
Front wheel drive wheelchairs climbs forward over small obstacles better than rear wheel drive.
Tail sway (fishtailing)is one of the major problems for front wheel drive wheelchairs.
The overall speeds are slower because of fish tailing at higher, more reactive speeds.
The overall turning radius comparatively lower

31. Will it harm the batteries if I charge them overnight?

  • No, the battery charger is provided with overcharge cut-off feature.

32. What kind of warranty is available on these wheelchairs?

  • Ostrich Mobility provides 1 year warranty for the whole equipment (read user guide) against manufacturing defects. Company also offers a 10 year extended warranty scheme.

33. Do you have any models which can be reclined like bed?

  • No, but this customization can be done on certain wheelchair models. You can talk to us regarding your customization requirements.

34. Where can I get the demo of the wheelchair?

  • Either at the dealers shop or at Ostrich Mobility factory in Bangalore.

35. Is there a option to upgrade my wheelchair?

  • Upgrades are possible for most of the models. Please check the upgrades possible in the product page.

36. What is the maximum weight the wheelchair can handle?

  • The maximum weight carrying capacity depends on the model. The minimum capacity is 100Kg and the maximum is 135 Kg. Please refer the product page for the correct specification.

37. What is the height of a standard hand rest. Can I adjust it to ensure that it rolls under my table?

38. Can I change the length and angle of the footrest?

  • Yes

39. Do you sell additional battery packs?

  • No

40. What is the return policy?

  • There are no return policy. Ostrich mobility help customers to sell their used wheelchair to another customer. Ostrich mobility only connects you to a customer in need of a used wheelchair.

41. Can you find me a service center near my area?

  • Yes, Please check the nearest dealer page or talk to an Ostrich Mobility representative.

42. Can the wheelchair be insured?

  • No, We are exploring the possibility.

43. Can I get a loan facility to buy the wheelchair?

  • No, You can find the possibility of personal loan from private finance companies or banks



How to select an Ostrich Electric wheelchair

Powered/electric wheelchairs are used by people who cannot move by themselves due to old age or due to physical disability. Electric Wheelchairs are selected based on the following major parameters.

1. Status and type of disability

2. Driving requirements

3. Portability

4. Your Budget

5. High technology wheelchair

6. Customized wheelchairs


1. Status and type of disability

To make this point simple you can check the following points

a) How good are your hands to operate the joystick control unit?

If you can use a TV remote control with your hand or if can operate a computer keyboard or if you can feed yourself with your hands you will also be able to use the joystick to control  power wheelchair.

b) If your hands are not operational which part of the body can you move?

If you can move the chin, head or any other parts of the body Ostrich can customise the joystick of  wheelchair to be operated by the moving body parts.

c.  If you are completely immobile can any others (attendant) help you to move?

An attendant can operate the wheelchair if the joystick is provided at the rear of the wheelchair. This will help the wheelchair to be operated by another person.

d) How good is your sitting posture? Do you need a special seating?

   If your disability requires a special seat , Ostrich will help you to get that. Ostrich has in-house seat design centre that gets you the right seat you need to sit safely and comfortably. Ostrich can also provide you gel cushions.

e) Can you enter the wheelchair from bed by yourself or you need help from others?

  Select a  wheelchair having swing-away type armrest that make you get in to and off the  bed easily and comfortably.

f) What is your weight ?

If you are above 100 Kg select a wheelchair of rugged built (Verve RX model and above). 

2. Driving requirements

a) Where exactly the wheelchair is being used?

The conditions of indoor and outdoor are totally different. Indoors are smooth and outdoors can be smooth or rough. Find out where all are you going to use the wheelchair. For indoors any model will be suited and for outdoors Ostrich have wheelchair with patented frame technology for wheelchair.

b) How long you need to travel, whether it’s a short or a long distance ?Also you should consider how often you travel with the wheelchair to different places.

Ostrich have wheelchairs with drive ranges up to15 Km and up to 35 Km per charge .

3. Portability

Do you need to carry the wheelchair to the places you travel ?

Portability is the easiness to carry the wheelchair to the places you travel. Ostrich mobility has folding electric wheelchair that helps portability. But the seating posture in a folding wheelchair is poor when compared to a bucket seat. Wheelchairs with bucket  seat can also be made portable by removing its seat and using ramps to take the wheelchair base inside the vehicle.

4. Your budget

How much you can spend on a wheelchair?

The best wheelchair is one that can be driven indoor as well as out doors with ease. It should  have a good adjustable seat and swing away arm rest. Ostrich has wheelchairs starting from Rs 69,500 to Rs 1,90,000. You can select a suitable wheelchair according to your budget.

5. High technology wheelchair

Do you need a wheelchair that is small enough to use indoors that has the shortest turning radius and need the same wheelchair to be used outdoors safely with out loosing drive control and stability.The AWA technology is an answer to your need. Ostrich mobility  invented a technology called the Automated Wheelbase Adjuster that enables the user to adjust the wheelbase based on the various surfaces you drive. Indoors you can reduce the wheelbase and make the wheelchair the smallest in length and when driving outdoors you can increase the wheelbase.

6. Customized wheelchairs

If you are working in an office or in a kitchen and you need to take something from the shelf or if you want to make your wheelchair seat reach the car seat height  you can select an automatic seat lifting mechanism for your wheelchair

If your leg swells on continuous sitting in the same position and you need to lift or change the position of the legs you can choose an automatic foot rest lifting mechanism.

If you get bed sours when continuously sitting in a wheelchair the best solution is to have a wheelchair with Tilt-in-space seating system.

Ostrich has the expertise of giving you the customised wheelchair solutions at an affordable price.


Selection of wheelchair

Assuming the user could use the joystick controls with his hand 

If you frequently travel from place to place and  need to use the powered wheelchair wherever you go, you need a wheelchair that is easy to carry. VERVE FX is the model to select since this is a wheelchair with folding frame. Verve FX is light weight, easy to carry conventional electric wheelchair designed for indoor and outdoor level surface mobility.

If you sit on the wheelchair for long and need a better sitting posture, more comfort ,low price and basic mobility, you can select  VERVE RX. This model has a conventional rigid frame that is designed for indoors and outdoors basically for level surface mobility with comfortable bucket seat. This model is best for those who use the wheelchair only indoors and do not need to travel often.

If you  travel outdoors rarely and the surface is rough the most cost effective way is to select Tetra T15, an all-terrain indoor –outdoor electric wheelchair with Split Frame technology. This model is an entry level all-terrain powered wheelchair.

If you require indoor and often  outdoor mobility with a better sitting posture the best choice is TETRA EX model. This is an all-terrain electric wheelchair with Split Frame technology. The bucket seat and seat belt gives you a better comfort for long sitting. This is the largest selling Ostrich power wheelchair.

If you are tall (above 5’9”) and your comfort level and safety required is very high, long outdoors, need long drive range and high speed  the best option is the model TETRA EXi. Tetra EXi is an all-terrain electric wheelchair with Split Frame technology. This also features bucket seat with seat belt and head rest. This wheelchair is heavy to carry.

If you have  long outdoors, need more drive range, need to use the wheelchair even during night time and you always need the best and most elegant looking and the most powerful electric personnel mobility equipment, PRISTINE FLEX is your best option. This model features Split Frame technology, bucket seat with seat belt, LED head lamps& indicators with hazard warning, aesthetically designed body panels and shopping basket. This is the most comfortable powered wheelchair as this model has the longest wheelbase. Highly esteemed, safe and comfortable long distance travel day and night is guaranteed with Pristine FLEX.

If you have very tight interiors where you need the smallest possible wheelchair and you have the toughest of outdoors where you need the best all-terrain wheelchair the best option is the model GALAXY AWA. This wheel chair has the option of wheelbase adjustment using joystick to suit the driving conditions. Galaxy AWA is the most advanced powered wheelchair with features such as Split Frame technology, Automated Wheelbase Adjuster and bucket seat with seat belt & head rest. The lights and indicator helps night driving. When the wheel base is reduced to the minimum the wheelchair can be made the smallest so as to easily maneuver the tight indoor conditions and when going outdoors the wheelbase can be increased based on the outdoor conditions so that you never lose drive control and stability.

** All the electric wheelchair models except the Verve FX are non-foldable. But these non-folding wheelchairs can be made portable by removing the seat separately from the frame.

Customization is possible for all the models. Please talk to Ostrich Customer Care (OCC) at 09895895093/ 09341126543 (+91 from outside India) for proper guidance regarding customization.

Equipment warranty policy, terms and conditions

Warranty Policy: Company warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship for a period (normally one year) as mentioned in the warranty claim card come along with the user guide from the date of delivery to the first owner. Warranty void if the products has been altered, misused, abused or sold to a second party. Company gives replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects or parts damaged during use subjected to following terms and conditions.

1. The term of warranty is one year (please check the latest information regarding the number of months on the warranty claim card in user manual) from the date of delivery to the first owner.
2. Any optional attachments to the equipment provided during the time of delivery of the equipment for the first owner also carry a warranty for the same period.
3. Any optional attachment provided later during the period of warranty to the original equipment carries warranty only for the remaining months of warranty time to be elapsed for the original equipment.

1. The mobility equipment has to be purchased from an authorized dealer of Ostrich Mobility.
2. The warranty claim card provided along with the user guide must be produced for warranty claims.
3. The company reserves the right to change the warranty policy any time as and when required.
4. The product has to be registered with the company through the website.
5. The freight/courier charges of parts and components send to the customer after the warranty period has to be paid by the customer himself.
6. For extention of warranty follow the terms and conditions as per the extented warranty scheme

Important: Company’s only obligation is to repair or replace any defective parts at no cost to the first owner for parts or labor, during warranty period, if company acknowledges that such a defect is caused by faulty material or workmanship. The owner has to bear the cost of any repair or replacement which is not covered under warranty.
In no event shall the company be liable for claims based up on breach of express or implied warranty or negligence or any other damages whether direct, immediate foreseeable, consequential or for any expenses incurred by the use or misuse, sale or fabrication of the product which do or do not confirm to the terms and conditions of the warranty policy.

Warranty is not applicable to

1. Badly maintained equipment
2. Seat covers
3. Equipment damaged due to overloading
4. Equipment which are repaired by the customer
5. Equipment which has been used for the purpose other than what it is mentioned for
6. Insufficient defects, which do not affect the performance and functions of the equipment.
7. Natural wear and tear, ageing etc.
8. Tyres

Warning: It is not recommended to open the body panels of the equipment to obtain warranty service.