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Intimate IC500R

Product Code: 012

IC500R from Ostrich Mobility is an electric bed with versatile features. It offers adjustable positions including trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, as well as backrest adjustment. The bed has ABS side railings, one hand release, and transport handles for convenience and safely. It includes a battery backup and CPR function. With a load capacity of 200 Kg, It provides comfort and support with a high density foam mattress. Ostrich Mobility, as the number one high quality electric bed supplier in


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Key Features of IC500R from the best power bed manufacture in Bangalore
  • IC500R is a Critical care bed that provides adjustable positioning for patient comfort and support.
  • This Medical bed also has a Battery backup for uninterrupted functionality during power outages.
  • The IC500R has Easy-to-clean surfaces for efficient infection prevention with advanced medical equipment combability.
  • It is a hospital bed that has Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions for improved circulation and breathing.
  • This ICU Bed Quiet motor operation for patient comfort and sleep quality.




Five function fully automatic

High and Low

Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg

Backrest up and down

Cardiac chair position

2 Leg positions

Fowler and Vascular Positions

ABS side railings (Head and leg)

Battery Back-up I CPR Function

Caster wheels with brakes

One hand release side rails (ABS)

Transport handles on both head & foot boards

Backrest and footrest angle indicator

4 section mattress

SS I.V. Rod

Hand controller

General Specification


Value or Description

Load capacity

200 kg


4 Nos.


1 No.


1 No.


40mm high-density PU foam

Overall length

2150 mm

Overall width

900 mm

Lowered sleep surface height from ground

400 mm (without mattress)

Maximum sleep surface height from ground

750 mm (without mattress)

Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg angle

12 degrees

Backrest adjustment

0-70 degrees

Side railings

ABS side railings (Head and leg)

Battery Back-up

Yes (for power outage situations)

CPR Function


Caster wheels

Yes (with brakes)

One hand release side rail

Yes (ABS material)

Transport handles

Yes (on both head & foot boards)

Backrest and footrest angle indicator


Mattress sections

4 sections

IV Rod

SS I.V. Rod


Hand controller

Head and Footboard Material

High-quality ABS plastic

Castor Wheel Diameter

Standard size (exact diameter not specified)

Castor Wheel Type

Swivel castor wheels with brakes

Frame Material

Epoxy Coated Steel and other durable materials

Upholstery Material

High-quality and durable upholstery fabric

Power Supply

Standard electrical power outlet

Control Interface

User-friendly handheld controller

Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Angle Adjustment

Up to 12 degrees

Backrest Adjustment Angle

0 to 70 degrees

Mattress Dimensions

Specific dimensions not provided; designed to fit the bed frame dimensions

Weight of the Bed

Depends on accessories used


Compliance with relevant safety and quality standards

Actuator Type

Electric linear actuators

Actuator Control System

Fully automatic control system

Power Input

Standard electrical power supply

Safety Features

Emergency stop button, Overload protection, Safety sensors

Head and Footboard Design

Ergonomic design for comfort and support

Side Railings Material

High-quality ABS plastic

Side Railings Height

Standard height for patient safety

Frame Design

Sturdy and durable frame construction

Mattress Type

High-density PU foam mattress

Mattress Dimensions

Specific dimensions not provided; designed to fit bed dimensions

Upholstery Colour Options

Colour options may vary based on availability


1 year

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