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Split Frame Suspension Technology*

Ostrich Mobility provides you with an option of driving the wheel chair with the world’s latest technologies. We have come up with the most cost-effective, all terrain technology (Ostrich frame technology) which is first of its kind in the 80 year history of powered wheel chairs. These wheel chairs have been specifically designed for the Indian terrain and road conditions. The Ostrich frame technology is a revolutionary first-in-class technology that allows all the four wheels of the powered wheel chair to be in contact with the ground in uneven ground conditions. * patented

Innovations that make Ostrich unique

Automated Wheelbase Adjuster*

This second advanced technology that goes in the powered wheel chairs of Ostrich Mobility is the automated wheelbase adjuster (AWA). This technology allows the user to increase or decrease the wheel base automatically using the joystick to match the driving conditions. For example, the wheel base can be increased while driving outdoors, and decreased while using it indoors for easy navigation through narrow doorways.

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